Exams, Certification and Graduation are responsible for managing the University’s centrally organised examinations. They are responsible for the following:

  • compiling and publicising the examination timetables
  • training and appointing examination invigilators
  • running the centrally organised examinations
  • coordinating the provision of examination papers for the examinations
  • arranging support for candidates who require alternative arrangements during their examinations

We also act as an examination centre for candidates of other universities wishing to arrange to sit examinations at the University.

Examination Periods

There are two main examination periods these are usually in May and August of each Academic Year. The majority of formal written examinations are timetabled to run during these periods. Some Faculties however have examinations that run out of these main examination periods. Students should check their Student Handbooks for further details on this.

Current Academic Year examination periods are available on the Student Examinations website.

Contact details

Should you have a query about examinations please contact the exams office in Exams, Certification & Graduation on exams@southwales.ac.uk