Certificates and Transcripts

What is a certificate

A certificate confirms your name and overall result of your entire award. It is a unique and valuable document and you may have to present the original to future employers, so be sure to keep it safe.

What is a Transcript

In addition to the certificate, you will receive a second document called a Transcript. The transcript lists all the modules you took during your course and includes the results you obtained. There is usually one transcript per academic year of your course. This document is also important, as employers may wish to know the actual modules which made up your course and your performance in those modules. If you apply for further higher education courses, institutions to which you apply may also want to see this evidence of your previous course and achievements.

Further information University’s grading scheme that appears on the transcripts is available here.

Where can I find details of my syllabus?

The Bologna Process introduced the concept of the Diploma Supplement which is intended to provide information on the level and nature of the higher education (HE) qualifications attained by students in Europe and set them in the overall national qualifications framework.

The University, along with many others, is not yet in a position to provide the full Diploma Supplement but much of the information which it contains is already present in the certificate and transcripts which you will receive.

Further information on the contents of your programme of study can be obtained from the Integrated Curriculum Information System. Please note this will take you to the Integrated Curriculum Information System with general read only access for Students. Here you will find details of the course and modules studied, including the aims and objectives of the course and the learning outcomes of the course and modules.

Further details of the University’s grading scheme are available on the Assessment and Awards Unit Services Page.

By adding this information to your certificate and transcript you will have a full set of information to match the European standards.


Depending on where and when you graduated, the options available are located here.